I am twenty-two, a free spirit, a horse trainer, and an artist. 


I believe that travel is the best way to grow, and experiencing new ways of life is vital to me. I am fortunate to have spent time in Argentina, Costa Rica, Israel, South Africa, B.C. Canada, New Zealand, Colombia, and Ecuador.


Horses have been my center of gravity for as long as memory allows. I began riding at age 6 and have yet to stop. I owned a horse in high school, and began working as a trainer/instructor for several facilities outside of Philadelphia in college. I have had the opportunity to train in a variety of disciplines, and welcome every opportunity to learn more.

Art has wove itself in and out of my life in many ways. As a 2021 graduate of the Drexel University Graphic Design Program with a certificate in creative writing, I enjoy making work that resonates with people. During my college years, I’ve had opportunities to design a story-telling website for Penn Medicine, album covers, logos as well as graphics and reports for a biomedical company. Additionally, I have studied oil painting for the last 5 years, along with dappling in watercolor and acrylic. I sold a number of works while living in Philadelphia. 


In 2015 and 2016, I was accepted into youth writer’s conferences which inspired me to publish an anthology of my work, along with several poems in national journals. More recently, I have been focused on songwriting. I have been fortunate to be in a few bands, as well as recently beginning my solo career. Unlike poems, each song I write with the hope that it resonates with other people. A song is a gift, a poem is self reflection.