I am twenty two. In addition to work as a freelance graphic designer, I also commission paintings and train horses. I believe there is always more to be learned, and I constantly strive to advance in the fields I am most passionate about. 

I was raised in Boston, and lived in Philadelphia for the last four years. I spent the winter in Florida learning more about the showjumping world within the horse industry. I love to travel; I believe it is one of the best ways to grow. I am fortunate to have visited New Zealand, Israel, Colombia, South Africa, Argentina, Canada, and Costa Rica. 

I love to write poetry, prose, and occasionally songs. In August 2016 I self published a little book of poetry, and several of my poems were published in national journals since then. Some of my most recent songs are available on all streaming platforms. Prior, I sang in a band called The Poms while living in Philly, and Brontide when I lived in Boston. I also toured internationally with the Boston City Singers youth chorus which I was proud to be a part of for 12 years. Music has gifted me some of my closest friends and favorite memories, and it is a form of expression I hope to continue weaving throughout my life.



Creative expression is a part of who I am.

I enjoy writing poetry and I began selling paintings last year.

Contact me for commissioned pieces. 

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