I have had the privilege to design the following sites for various freelance clients. 


In Winter of 2019, I had the utmost honor to design a website for a friend, professor, and inspiration of mine, Nomi Eve. She designed a life-changing elective course for Drexel students known as Story Medicine: a class which writes and performs plays for patients and their families in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Using original photography and carefully selected colors, I began creating a site intended to attract donors, educate potential students, and showcase to participants the impact of the Story Medicine course. The project was incredibly rewarding, as it successfully showered the program with well-deserved donations and publicity.



In Spring of 2019, I was hired to design a website for local Philadelphian artist, Rita Poley. Poley has been an artist for nearly 30 years, and her work was being rejected from galleries solely due to the lack of an online presence. The project had a rapid timeline, and pushed me out of my comfort zone as artwork is always intended to be displayed in a specific manner, digitally and physically. It was a pleasure to document several years’ worth of process as well as the final compositions on her site.



Bluestone Exteriors is a landscape architecture firm that services the greater Philadelphia area. Prior to their site, they had to means to showcase ideas to new clients. It was a hefty and rewarding process to help organize so many beautiful outdoor designs into accessible digital portfolios.